Bayview autumn review

Autumn delight

There  is always something special about a trip to Bayview on a Saturday morning under beautiful Sydney-blue skies. Leaving the inner-west early this morning, we made excellent time in the Peugeot and arrived at Rowland reserve in time to enjoy the sunshine. The water this morning was crisp and clear and being March meant the beach wasn’t at all crowded.

How civilised that on arrival we see the coffee van and as Jules always says, the coffee always tastes much better on a weekend. It was actually a great cup of coffee. Double shot latte with 2 sugars thank you

Post coffee, we hit the beach

Swimming and soft-sand running makes for very thirsty work

Then to my absolute horror, we start walking toward the mobile dog bath but the man was so lovely, I felt right at home.
Sure beats that black plastic tub or the human bathtub. I also had a manicure and a blow dry.

Wow I’m ready for a big night out… except I am exhausted

Thank you Northern Beaches for a beautiful day, but now its back to the inner west


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