It’s a Hard Dog Life

I have written this song for two of my favourite D-listers, my little working dog railway steward at Country Lickers; and suburban Seddon’s favourite surgical son with the bedside manner to die for.

Even though I let these puppies hang out with my pack and come along as guests to many of my opening nights and events, I know in my heart, they can never be A-listers like me. The smell of the pancake, the starch of the hospital sheets and the rhythm of the railroad will keep them always in 3rd class. So much potential, so little drive, and OH-Such a pity.

It’s a Dog-Gone Life (to be howled in a brat-like voice to the tune of ‘It’s a hard knock life’ from the musical ‘Annie‘)

Verse 1
It’s a fat-gut life for Garth
Ate so much he’s gonna barf
Marty’s got a dodgy heart.
Tomatoes make him fart.
It’s a dog-gone life.

Verse 2
Pocketanne’s a working dog.
With a really fantastic blog.
Writes all day cos it all about her
While Phat Boy just sits and purrs,
It’s a dog-gone life.

Verse 3
Kevin Rudd is really back
Throwing Julia G off track
Simon Crean is in a snit
The Labor Party’s gone to shit
It’s a Pollies life

Verse 4
Tony Abbott’s everywhere
He is after the PM’s chair
He loves his horrid red speedos,
Now he really could win, he knows
It’s a NO, NO life

Verse 5
Pocketanne has a good friend Rob
Who plays this song to make a bob
It must be really in her head
Bet she wishes she were dead
NO MOREdog-gone life!





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