Under the Tuscan Sun

Having watched the Cameron Government from Sydney Australia in anticipation of leadership from a team of small ‘l’ liberal conservatives sharing the balance of power in government, I can only express extreme disappointment and disgust in the British public service. From its handling of the Murdoch investigation to the corruption that has become so deeply entrenched in the cultural make-up of one of the oldest, surviving institutions of democracy makes this Australian public servant sick to the bottom of my heart.

The promise of the “Big Society” policy reforms and the community consultation and engagement strategies for citizen-centric service design and delivery were seemingly empty, meaningless words.

Since the end of the World War 11 (or was it earlier?), we have again been designing our human systems around individualism, ‘democratic capitalism’, and the constant societal celebration of goals and values that breed desire for individual wealth, possessions and disposable goods in order to keep our global financial markets afloat creating selfishness and greed even amongst the lowest of the welfare classes – those that should know they can never dream of having that plasma television or that new pair of Nikes like the yuppies who live 2 streets away in inner – soon to be gentrified – London.

Throughout history, our greatest societies, governments, institutions and leaders have fallen in a similar way. Nero is still fiddling as Rome burns and still we bury our heads in the sand and do not learn!

But wait, let’s blame something else! After all, the upper, educated, professional classes can’t be wrong.

Let’s blame the evils of Social Media! It’s no longer Rupert’s fault, it must be the fault of the media we can’t control. So let’s shut it down in 140 characters. How did those poor underclasses ever get those blackberrys and smart phones anyway!

As I think quietly about this back in Sydney, my conspiracy theory develops…

What a Twitterrific way to take Rupert and Wendy out of the  tabloid headlines…. a community engagement strategy using evil social media tools appealing to that greed we have been breeding and encouraging our poorest and most marginalised communities to strive for. We can take the heat of the Murdochs and engage the masses to set fire to Rome while the Neros, the deputy Neros and Commissioner Nero are fiddling away in their summer houses in the South of France watching Under the Tuscan Sun in 3-D on the their very own brand new giant plasma televisions.

Here in Australia our very own Commissioner Christine Nero went to dinner and the hairdresser as Victoria burned so maybe we need to look in our own backyards for some of the tell-tale signs. I think Rome will continue to burn for some time yet. After all, the summer holidays aren’t over yet and neither is the Murdoch enquiry.

Still a conspiracy theorist at heart


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