Who is Pocketanne?

Welcome to Blog and Bone.

My name is Pocketanne Sanders.

I hope you will be amused, enlightened, engaged and enraged by the writings of an almost-Newtown-dwelling Australian Cattle Dog with an A-list pedigree, best-in-show ancestry, and a work ethic that doesn’t ruin my hot pink nails.

Firstly thank you to Pip Newling who gave me the idea and the title for Blog and Bone. Read Pip’s blog http://pipnewling.posterous.com/

I was born My Star Maybe a Lady on the 9 February 2005 just near Goulburn at a little place with two HUGE service stations on either side of the dual carriageway freeway called Marulan.

My dads name is My Star Julius Caesar. He is an Australian and New Zealand champion Australian Red Cattle Dog. Everyone says I look like my dad but prettier.

My birth mum was a bluey… a stay-at-home mum who cared for me and my 9 other brothers and sisters. Her name was My Star, She is a Lady. Mum died when I was just a small pup. She was defending the other 9 kids from a very nasty red-bellied black snake.

Baby Pocketanne



  1. Pocketanne, what are your thoughts about Red Dog? Have you seen it yet?

  2. Woof Pocket,

    When are you coming over?

    Bertie Waghorn-Jones

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